Please find the following resources for information for parents in regards to child abuse/neglect, recent research and therapeutic interventions that are used in our practice:

Articles from Bruce Perry’s website, Child Trauma Academy specifically for caregivers of children who have experienced trauma

Especially relevant article by Bruce Perry detailing the consequences of emotional neglect in early childhood and its impact on the brain, development and child behavior. This article is extremely helpful in understanding how trama-even seemingly ‘minor’ events-can impact children.


I utilize Theraplay ® techniques in my practice with children and families. This is an evidence based therapy that helps parents and children bond in addition to helping manage behavior problems in children and help to regulate emotions. The following resources provide further information about this technique:

Article by Janet Mullen entitled ‘What is Theraplay? How can it help my child?

What makes Theraplay effective?

What’s behind these Theraplay activities? Explanation of Right Brain Development in children and how Theraplay can impact this

Theraplay for children with ADHD

Play Therapy research

UNC School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry provides Child and Adolescent Evaluation services which include inpatient admission and outpatient evaluation including Psychiatric medication evaluation.