Attachment Based Parenting Solutions

All of our staff are trained in parenting strategies that incorporate improving relationships between parent and child as the basis for change. These strategies are often based on increasing parental awareness, mindfulness and playfulness while also assisting children in decreasing defensive, angry and defiant behavior and turning the parent/child relationship into a more loving and nurturing partnership.


Our staff are trained in the following Attachment focused parenting strategies:
Theraplay® is a treatment modality, which helps children to regulate emotions, decrease arousal levels and improve the parent/child relationship, thus enhancing and improving compliance with behavior expectations. Theraplay® is a loving and nurturing approach to parenting and behavior issues. Theraplay has been evaluated by the California Evidence Based Clearinghouse as being an ‘evidence based’ treatment for children and adolescents.


Trust Based Relational Therapy® is an attachment based trauma informed intervention that helps to empower children and heal fear based behaviors which may impact negative behaviors. TBRI® is often used for children and adolescents who have experienced trauma or who have been adopted, however can be used and is effective for all children/adolescents regardless of history. TBRI® originated out of Texas Christian University and has been evaluated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse as being effective in areas of child trauma and addressing behavior problems in children and adolescents.


Circle of Security® is a parenting program/framework of intervention that incorporates a parent or caregiver’s own attachment history (how they were parented) into finding parenting solutions. The program is geared toward improving attachment security and can be used with parents of infants through teenagers. Circle of Security® is listed as an Evidence Based/Evidence Informed program and is now an international training program.


Conscious Discipline® is a self regulation program for children which incorporates both adult and children’s emotional intelligence and empowers parents to respond both appropriately and emotionally to their child’s behavior based on their emotional needs. This program helps parents to remain mindful, understand the brain states that impact behavior and how to emotionally connect with these states to improve behavior and parenting. Conscious Discipline® has achieved evidence based status.


We work in partnership with parents to strengthen the bond between parent/child, to improve communication and decrease negative behaviors.