Therapy for Single Parents

Raleigh, NC

Dinosaurs and reindeer

Going from a two-parent household to a single parent household has changed everything.

It can be terrifying, lonely, and the weight on your shoulders can feel unmanageable.

It can feel devastating when you look around and suddenly your household seems deficient in light of all the ‘happy’ two-parent households. It’s crushing to fear that your child is missing out.

You want to help your children through this transition but….

You often ask yourself “what do I even say”?
You wonder how to support your own trauma and be there for your kids when you have nothing left.
You’re exhausted yourself, how can you show up for your kids?
Will this ever end?

You’re entering into a new identity as a single parent, and that’s hard

You didn’t aspire to be on your own, but now you are.

You feel scared you won’t be able to do it alone.
You feel sad that you’re alone and no longer have the identity you used to.
You wonder if things will ever get better.
You don’t want your children to suffer.


Having a strong identity as a single parent.
Feeling confident in your parenting skills.
Having a toolkit of ways to help you parent on your own.
Feeling more capable of supporting your child/ren.

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